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Welcome to the Cardiff Botanical Society - A Growing New Group!!

By Karen England

The Cardiff Botanical Society which is more commonly referred to as just “CBS”, is a grass roots (pun intended) organization that has been around unofficially for years but was officially formed in the Fall of 2001 under the auspices of the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce “…for the purpose of beautifying our community through the volunteer efforts of its interested citizens” and the group “will accomplish this effort by developing plantings in areas in need of landscaping … public as well as private with the permission of the owners”. At the helm of this group are Mike Clark and Linda Lee who are responsible for the groups’ accomplishments of such recent projects as…

The Carpentier Parkway Project (see pictures courtesy of the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce Website) where lots of weeds, reeds & trash have been cleared away & new, necessary irrigation has been installed. The cleaned up area has been replanted with donations from the community and Sunshine Gardens by a wonderful group of CBS volunteers. The first phase is completed & the next phase is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 9th installation, which will include a massive wildflower seeding that will take place using seeds donated in part by Hydroscape and Grangetto’s. If you would like to be a part of this great endeavor please contact Mike Clark or Linda Lee at the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce (760) 436-0431

Plants and planting under The New Cardiff-by- the-Sea Sign located at the north Cardiff border on Highway 101. Linda Lee and others donated a variety of succulents & aloes that a group of more than 7 enthusiastic CBS volunteers spent a Saturday planting & the area looks great - Next time you dive by take a look!

The establishment of CBS Volunteers with City View Issues - These qualified CBS volunteers advise both the city and residents about appropriate trees to plant in view zones and offer education about proper tree pruning to facilitate both the best interest the tree and the view.

Also the group is currently working on establishing a memorial Rose Garden whose location to be determined & establishing a memorial tree in honor of 9/11 victims that will be planted this spring. Possible choices for the memorial tree are “Weeping Acacia“, “Bidwilli Coral“, and “Orchid tree“. Stay tuned to find out which tree is chosen.

Possible future sites to be addressed for beautification by the group are areas by the Cardiff post office, by the corner of Birmingham and McKinnon, and by the Cardiff 7-eleven.

Karen England is the "Queen of Edgehill Herb Farm".


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