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Color Everyday!

By Karen England

Did you know that there are a few plants that bloom every day of the year? Usually, blooming plants only blossom for a short period each year, such as, in springtime. Consequently, a well designed garden contains a mix of plants that have staggered blooming times so that some plant is always in bloom. However, year-round color can be had another way by using plants that bloom every day. 

Because we live in such a mild climate with little or no frost & no periods of extended, intense heat, we can grow many plants, getting constant color from them, that other regions can not. Although the plants listed below will grow in other areas they may not bloom constantly in them like they do here. So, take advantage of where you live and add one or more of the following plants to give constant color to your yard. 

“Bacopa” (SUTERA cordata) - Full sun or part shade. Low growing perennial with cute white, lavender or pink flowering varieties. Use as edging or in containers & hanging baskets. Needs regular fertilizer and watering. 

“Begonia Rich” (BEGONIA richmondensis) - Shade or sun. This plant looks a little different when grown in the shade compared to when grown in the sun, but either way it has beautiful green leaves with red undersides and crimson buds that open into pink and white flowers. Sturdy and easy. A great plant!

Dipladenia (DIPLADENIA splendens) - Full sun or part shade. Shrubby perennial that tends to vine if not pruned to maintain shrub shape. Exquisite, 3 inch wide, rose pink with yellow throated blossoms (other colors available are cherry red and white). 

Other plants to try are “Lavender Starflower” (GREWIA occidentalis), most types of Daisies, “Busy Lizzie” (IMPATIENS walleriana), and “Blue Wonder” (SCAEVOLA aemula).

Karen England is the "Queen of Edgehill Herb Farm".


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