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Fuchsias can be divided into two classifications, trailing (TR), or basket (8) and upright (U). The letter describing the type usually follows the name on the label.

LOCATION - Fuchsias require a filtered sun location or a bright area with no direct hot sun. They need plenty of light to bloom their best. Protect your fuchsias from strong or drying winds.

WATERING - Water your fuchsia frequently without drowning it. Test the soil before watering by touching the top one inch of the soil. If it is barely moist to the touch, it is time to water. Never allow your fuchsia to dry out. The best recommended time to water is in the morning. Do not water your plant if the temperature is over 80 degrees F. Mist frequently with a hand sprayer during hot weather and on dry or windy days.

FEEDING - Fuchsias are heavy feeders and respond best to consistent, frequent feedings. Fertilize every week with a good flower food at 1/2 the recommended strength. Use a Syphonex for easy application. Substitute one flower food feeding every two months with a good soil activator. Make sure the soil is moist before fertilizing.

PROTECT- Fuchsias are highly susceptible to white fly, spider mite and caterpillar infestation. To prevent insect damage, spray once a month with Cooke Garden Insect Spray (2 tbsp. per gal. of water).

PRUNE - Fuchsias bloom only on new wood, therefore, pruning is essential to promote new growth throughout the spring and early summer. Pinch out the top of each branch after two or three sets of leaves have formed. Remove all dead blossoms before they go to seed, to encourage more blooms. Prune heavy in the fall according to the following list:

A. Remove all dead, spindly growth.

B. Cut each main stem back to leave only one joint or node of the recent year's growth. Trailing varieties should be pruned to just above the edge of the container.

C. Clean all debris from the top of the container.


- a good flower food

- a good soil activator  

- Cooke Garden Insect Spray

- hand mister

- water fog (for inland)

- Syphonex


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