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Garden Projects

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for March

In warmer areas, you can start summer planting by midmonth, but on the coast, wait until the end of the month to plant things like peppers, corn, and tomatoes. The good news is that this month you can continue planting bare root roses, trees, berries, etc. 


Start planning your summer vegetable garden and prepare the soil. 


It's been a dry winter, so be sure that you're irrigating sufficiently.


We have everything you need for your spring and summer landscape projects.





Check your irrigation system for leaks and clogs. Repair as needed.

Deadhead faded flowers.

Continue applying snail and slug bait.

Pull emerging weeds or spray with Roundup now to avoid lots of work later.

Finish pruning roses.

Prune camellias.

If gophers are a problem, try traps, poisons, or an owl box! One owl eats 1000 rodents each year.


Plant Now


Plant trees, shrubs, vines, citrus, avocados, fruit trees.

Plant drought-resistant plants. Keep them watered for the first year until they're established.

Plant perennials.

Plant bare root roses, trees, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, shrubs.

Plant gladiolas, tuberous begonias, canna, dahlias, tuberose. 

You can still plant winter vegetables for one last crop. This is a great time to start lettuce.

Sow seeds or plant seedlings of winter and spring vegetables. 

Plant spring color - pansies, Iceland poppies, stock, larkspur.

Water newly planted items.

Buy seeds for summer flowers and vegetables to start indoors now.




Fertilize groundcovers and roses.

Fertilize citrus, fuchsias, avocados, berries and grapes.


All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so. Joseph Joubert
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